Martes, Abril 3, 2012

My IUI journey...

Another unsuccessful cycle, AF came today, on time as always. I asked my husband 2 days before if he will agree on undergoing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) this month and he agreed. He asked if there is another option beside IUI, I said we could always wait and do it the normal way, no drugs no scheduled Bd (baby dance= baby making). He answered, well then we should do IUI. He was right of course, he's always right. But then I thought about the expenses and suddenly I had second thoughts. I will be spending approximately Php30,000 for the whole procedure, I can buy a lot of things from that amount. I can buy a Tiffany chain bracelet, a pink blackberry 8250, a gym membership and a new set of  clothes. I'll have all those things and those things I can hold, I can use and wear. If I don't get pregnant from IUI, I'll only have tears, a broken heart, resentment, anger and loss. Would I be able to go through another cycle? We went to church to attend the Sunday mass after our conversation and I wasn't asking for signs. Well I was suppose to ask for signs but I can't think of one so I said to myself, If my OB will go to work on Holy Wednesday then we will go for IUI. Inside the church, there were a lot of people probably because it's Palm Sunday (the beginning of the Lenten season which is a big deal in our country, since 80% of the population is Catholic) and a lot of kids are pestering the adults, laughing, having fun. A lot of ugly kids (sorry!) as well but I was just smiling at all of them. Well I was frowning at first then I don't know what happened, I just watched them and wish that I have my own dirty kid to pester me. In short, I went to my OB today and yes we will proceed with IUI this month.

Since I already finished 3 cycles of Clomid, this time I asked for injectable. Also I read that there are higher success rates of IUI with injectable than Clomid. Injectable drug produces more quality follicles than Clomid and the more the merrier. It's more expensive though and well I have to inject myself with the drug but I'll do anything to have a baby. Here's my schedule this month:

*  Day 1- First day of period, went to the OB

*  Day 3- Take Ovamit (much cheaper than Clomid) 2x a day. She explained why I have to take Clomid again but I wasn't really listening (sheessh)

*  Day 4 or 6- Hubby's SA

*  Day 8- Doctor's appointment, Tutorial on injecting oneself with drugs 101.
   Take Premarin 3x/day

*  Day 8 to 14- Injectable (I can do this!)

*  Day 14- Follicle monitoring

*   Day 15 or 16- IUI

           *   Day 15- Take duphaston 1x/day
           *   Day 28- Last day of drinking medicines

I'm going to very busy this month, I love it! Here's the estimated cost for the procedure:

*    Oral Medication- Ovamit (2x/day for 5 days= 10 pcs @ Php 100 = Php 1,000), Premarin (3x/day for 20 days= 63 pcs @ Php33= Php 2,079), Duphaston (1x/day for 14 days= 14pcs @ Php56= Php 784) Total of Php3,863

*        IUI procedure at Victory Art= Php12,000 (inclusive of doctor's fee)

*        Injectable- name of the medicine to follow and dosage= Php 13,000

It's super expensive, I know but IVF is more expensive. I pray we don't have to do IVF. But I'm actually looking forward to the procedure this month. I wish I'll be able to produce a lot of good quality follicles, 3 on my left and 1 on my right. I also pray that hubby will be able to produce good quality swimmers. The timing is also crucial to make it successful so I hope my doctor will do a great job in pointing out the correct time. Everything I achieved, I work hard for and now even at becoming pregnant, I accepted the fact that I too will work hard to get it.

Prayers, faith and hard work will make anything possible.

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